Interview experience at Vanenburg Software Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore,TN

I feel immense pleasure to share my experience with my readers. It was one the special moment of my life because - It was my first company(off-campus) right after Graduation.

First Round (Written test- Aptitude and computer science fundamentals) : 
Recruitment process for Vanenburg Software Pvt Ltd. started with written test comprised of Aptitude (I admit , it was little bit tricky and difficult) and computer science core subject questions(OS, DSA, DBMS and Software engineering). I did my best and I made it. I was waiting for my phone to ring and it rang. I got news I am through for interview and please come within 1 hr to the venue.

Second round (F2F):  
Resume was browsed by interviewer. Okay.!!
1.Tell me about yourself ? One of easiest question. Yes, I practiced it well before interview. 
2.What are the projects you have done ?
    I explained him about my project at high level. And I also mentioned about various technologies
3. Can you explain data model(Different tables) and how they are related by different fields?
    This question required playing with pen and paper. I created prototype project on paper with UI's
     and 4-5 tables and explained how they were related and when which table came into picture. 
     The main purpose of this question was to get a feel , whether I have really done it or just bought
     from IT shops. After Giving convincing answer I was sure, I will make this round through.
     Various Question were asked in between related to Primary key/Foreign key and Joins.
     Question related to which development model you have used and what are the pros/cons related
     to each model.
4. Write a program to reverse a string?
5. Core java related questions : Interface and Abstract class. When do we use it and sample code for
     it. Some question related to final keyword. Questions from String/StringBuffer
     These question were asked just because I had done SCJP certification, so they just asked
     fundamental questions.

Third round (F2F):
1.Tell me about yourself ?  Yes, I again gave by hearted answer. :)
2. So, you are from Bihar? How did you came so far from Bihar to Kerala for B.Tech ?
    Plain Vanila answer, I got good rank and scholarship, good job opportunity ...   :)
    Believe me, I was scared little bit after giving answer,I start thinking he may not select me because
    I am not from kerala. BUT I was 100% wrong. 
3. What kind of project you have done in B.Tech ?
     I explained him same DBMS related project.
4. Some question from my project : Why this , why not this kind of question ?
     Just to check ,I am the doer or not. 
5.  Do you have any problem in working in South India , since you are from North.
     My sincere answer to interviewer : For this day only I was toiling from so long  and I came from 
    Bihar, so undoubtedly I am ready to work without any doubt.
I had mixed feeling whether I will in or out.        

HR round :
It was just an FYI round : You have been selected, we will give offer letter after the interview process.Thanks.

Now show is over. And I was really very happy, it was my first off-campus and I made it :)

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