Interview experience at Oracle India Pvt Ltd- Application engineer 2

Interview process took two weeks. This interview was for application developer(Oracle ADF) and interview was mainly all about jaba related stuff and data structure/puzzles/Aptitude.

First round : This round was mainly focused on checking java concepts and related technologies.
1. How java program runs ? (Assume you do not IDE to press F12)
    Low level explanation comprises of Concepts of class Loader(Bootstrap, extension and etc.) and
    memory were expected. I handled it correctly with minor stopping.
2. JVM garbage collection ?
    Explanation of Young Gen,Old Gen were expected. Some concepts related to sweep and clean
    algorithm to explain garbage collection process.
3. Where you have used Interface and abstract class ?
    I explained it with example I faced and justified its use.
4. Comparable and Comparator related questions , along with code to sort the objects.
    When we will go for Comparator not Comparable ?
5. What is reflection API ?
     I explained with an use-case ?
6. Did you use it in your work some time ?
     I answered, NO. Just I know it.
7. A puzzle a famous one : Eight ball (7 equal + 1 unequal) . In how many weighing you will find
    odd ball which is unequal ?
8. Linked List vs Array List difference ?
    When did you use Linked list and it pros/cons compare to ArrayList.
9. HashMap related Question  and how do we iterate it ?
10. Simple SQL query using : Sql Functions and database Join.

Second Round : Data structure and algorithm/Project related stuff mention in resume/Apti
1.Explain any of your project where you learnt most?
   I explained it with ease. But after that I was feeling heat of questions, Why you did this ?
   What are other way we can do it ?
   What will happen if we use this Data Structure ?
    I answered almost. However, One question i could not related to Timezone in java.(Calendar
    related concepts)
2. Explain internal working of HashMap?
    How hashcode() and equals() are important for it ?
3.  Apti/puzzle question :
     Two train coming from opposite direction and one bee is running in a tunnel, how much distance
     it covers before train collide ?
     Angle between minute and hand at 3:15 ?  -- no formula applying directly
4. LinkedList related question :
     Reverse a linked list ?
     How to find middle of linked list in O(n) without counting not of elements ?
 5. Basic questions from Design pattern ?
     What is MVC pattern ?
     What are the patterns you have used and where ?

Third round :
1. Some Questions related to technologies mentioned in my resume. Where I have used and what I
    learned from it ?
2. Basic fundamental questions related to computer science.
It was very short round and show gets over.

It was a great experience for being interviewed after working for more than 2 years at Vanenburg Software. Finally,got offer from Oracle after 3 month (It was worst part of the recruitment process).

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