Software system supporting XML and JSON

In previous post, we saw why JSON is trending in town when we need to choose between JSON and XML as data interchange format. However, XML is preferred when document presentation and mixed data representation become priority. Here we will list down software system /web architecture- API's which are using XML and JSON.
Type Software system/API's
Desktop software uses XML only
  1. Microsoft Word
  2. Apache OpenOffice
  3. LibreOffice.
Notes: XML is obvious choice here because it has support of storing mixed content naturally and the major task associated with these software are creating document, editing and styling at same time. An user can edit and style both same time and such information can be stored in xml naturally.
Databases supporting XML
  1. IBM DB2
  2. Microsoft SQL Server
  3. Oracle Database
  4. PostgresSQL
  5. BaseX
  6. eXistDB
  7. MarkLogic
  8. MySQL
Databases supporting XML
  1. MongoDB
  2. CouchDB
  3. eXistDB
  4. Elastisearch
  5. BaseX
  6. OrientDB
  7. MarkLogic
  8. PostgresSQL
  9. Riak
  10. Oracle Database
Notes: JSON is obvious choice of NoSQL database like MongoDB, CouchDB because they store data in JSON format. However, relational database like Oracle, PostgresSQL are also supporting JSON. Like JSON is future as data exchange format, NoSQL is future too in database technologies.
Major public APIs uses JSON only
  1. Facebook Graph API
  2. Google Maps API
  3. Twitter API
  4. AccuWeather API
  5. Pinterest API
  6. Reddit API
  7. Foursquare API
Notes: Facebook and Google Map is dealing with high volume of data in range of GB or PetaBytes, so JSON will be most efficient data transmission format. 
Major public APIs uses XML only Amazon Product Advertising API.
Major public APIs uses JSON and XML both
  1. Google Cloud Storage
  2. Linkedin API
  3. Flickr API
Volume of data is high : JSON preferred
Focus on presentation/document   : XML is preferred. 
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Reference : XML vs  JSON


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