Interview Experience at Teradata Hyderabad - Senior software engineer

Interviewed for Senior Engineer Level.

Round-1: This round was all about thread followed by some puzzle and java concept!!
Q1. It started with couple of basic questions about threads.

Q2. Sample code how do we achieve threading in java - Implementing Runnable/Extending thread.
As a follow-up start two thread and how to make main thread wait till these two threads done with its task execution - Concept of join.
What are other ways we can do it - With Countdown latch.

Q3. What is cyclic barrier and what's its uses.

Q4. Write sample code for simulating Producer-consumer problem.
Quick question related to wait()/notify()

Q5. Attributed involved in - system.out.println().
 As a followup question, In java how to redirect console output to file ?

Q6. What are design patterns I am aware of - list down all what I know and uses with example, what I have used.

Q7. Display spiral matrix of order nxn.

Q8. Puzzle: Bridge and torch problem

Round-2: It was all about Data structures and Internals of Java collections
Q1. Find distinct element in an array with repeated elements.

Q2. Find two elements in array with sum k. (Naive  and O(n) solution)

Q3. Find two elements in BST with sum k.

Q4. Discussion about HashMap and its implementaion. How we can modify this implementation of adding entry in case of collision - using BST instead of List. How does it affect complexity and all.

Round-3: Design patterns - this time not what I know. A problem was given and solve using Design patterns I know.
Q1. Design a client/server communication with following details.
Server does send and receive functionality.
Client can be of multiple types,in future multiple clients can be added in system

Q2. How to check whether one instance of java program/application is already running. if already running, do not allow to run same application again. Reference1 and Reference2

Round-4: Honest resume writing check.
Q1. What projects I have done. How much work I did ?
Q2. What was goal of doing that project ?
Q3. Summarise your carrier path what are you good at ?
Q4. Some basic question about micro-services. (It was not in my resume, popped up in discussion)
Q5. Here it comes the most difficult question I was waiting for - why I am looking for change ?

Round-5 : HR round, needless to say. it was typical HR round starting from class 10th and all.
I could not answer - any weakness which you want to improve ?
What is your current and expectation - this I answer loudly with word negotiable.
All done. We will communicate you after internal discussion.


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