How to Become a Data Scientist: An overview by Active Wizards

There is no doubt that the topic of big data is the trending subject in organisations today. Businesses have no choice other than to embrace the concept and stay up-to-date. Therefore, data scientists like Active Wizards have a big demand for their services in the 21st century. Many people are eyeing the career, especially those who are still in school. But, the big concern is how to become a data scientist. In this ultimate guide, we will tell you more about the profession and what it takes to become one. Read on to know more.

Who Is a Data Scientist?

Most people still get lost somewhere in the complexity of data science. In fact, it is hard to define what data science is by looking at it from one angle. A data scientist’s primary role is to collect and analyze data in an organization or project to make a sensible conclusion.
One of the results can be in the form of the visualization of data, where the data reveals specific patterns. Data scientists can conduct a graphical presentation with charts. This is a clearer way to display the patterns. Data scientists use specific algorithms that analyze the data in specific ways.

What You Need to Have

Before qualifying to become a data scientist, there are various steps you will have to go through. They all revolve around gaining the necessary knowledge, skills and experience. Here are the steps.
  • Earning a bachelor’s degree – most universities and colleges around the world usually offer data science courses. They all teach the same concept even though they may have different names. However, earning a degree from a reputable university will advance your career.
  • Earning a master’s degree – to further improve your skills and chances of becoming a professional in data science, a master’s degree will be a prudent idea. There are numerous universities that offer you a great opportunity to conduct the best research and write a compelling thesis.
  • Working for experience – before becoming an expert, you will need to get exposure in the real world. Some people start this exposure during their internship programs while others wait until they get their first job. The best industries in which to learn more about data science include the banking and healthcare industries.
  • Write a portfolio – after gathering enough experience as an employee in one of the best data science firms, then it would be a great opportunity to start your firm. Write a compelling portfolio and start looking for clients. It is better to target small companies that are not so complex and graduate to bigger ones as you gain experience.

Data Science Paperwork

Before settling down completely as an experienced data scientist running your own company, it is a prudent idea to know whether your state requires you to have a certificate to practice. This can differ depending on where you come from. Some states have authorized bodies to approve all the data scientists. By now, you already know what you need to become a data scientist. Start gathering your skills and experience now by following the above insights.

Author: Jack Botsford
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