Tableau : Extract Data and Filter - How to create filter and Visualise stats in Tableau

Extracts are saved subsets of data that we can use to improve performance - we can reduce the total amount of data by using filters and configuring other limits.

How to create Extract in Tableau(Desktop version) :-
1.  Right click on Data source listed under Data tab and select Extract Data
2.  Select default or modify config for selecting specific  set of records and click Extract.

How to use a filter for all Worksheet?
Right click on Filter -> "Apply to Worksheets" ->  Select "All using this datasource"
Now this filter will be available for all worksheet throughout if data source is used on the working area.

Filter data source and visualise in Tableau 
1. Download data source - Unemployment Statistics
2. Open Tableau and Import excel as data source. Create extract as suggested above. On creating extract by default it will be used.
3. Drag Unemployed field from Measures section to rows shelf and drag Period from Dimensions to Columns shelf. By default, Line chart will be created in Working area.Change line chart to Area chart.
4. Drag Age from Dimensions to Filter area and select at least one age range. Right click on filter created and select Show Filter. Drag Age filter below Marks area.

5. Drag Age in Label and Color pallet and select different age range from filter and observe Area chart. Below area chart created with three age range.


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