Apr 4, 2020

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How to create Express.js web application using Express Generator

The quickest way to get started with express application is to use Express Generator. Only pre-requisite is node.js should be installed to proceed further.
Step-1: Install exress-generator
m-c02z31rnlvdt:rap n0r0082$ npm install -g express-generator

Step-2: Create application using express-genrator.
Once express-generator is installed. Create express application 'client-app' using express-generator.
m-c02z31rnlvdt:rap n0r0082$ npx express-generator client-app

'client-app' skeleton is created with routes, views and placeholder for assets like images, css.
create : rap-client-app/
   create : client-app/public/
   create : client-app/public/javascripts/
   create : client-app/public/images/
   create : client-app/public/stylesheets/
   create : client-app/public/stylesheets/style.css
   create : client-app/routes/
   create : client-app/routes/index.js
   create : client-app/routes/users.js
   create : client-app/views/
   create : client-app/views/error.jade
   create : client-app/views/index.jade
   create : client-app/views/layout.jade
   create : client-app/app.js
   create : client-app/package.json
   create : client-app/bin/
   create : client-app/bin/www

: 'client-app' app is ready and server can be started. Default port number associated with server is 3000. It can be modified in file 'rap-client-app/bin/www' at line# 15.

Step-3: Install dependencies Go to folder client-app and install dependencies.
m-c02z31rnlvdt:rap n0r0082$ cd client-app
m-c02z31rnlvdt:client-app n0r0082$ npx express-generator client-app

Step-4: Start server.
m-c02z31rnlvdt:rap n0r0082$ npm start 
> rap-client-app@0.0.0 start /Users/n0r0082/rap/client-app
> node ./bin/www

GET / 200 777.042 ms - 170
GET /stylesheets/style.css 200 9.007 ms - 111
GET /favicon.ico 404 16.686 ms - 1452

Step-4: Once server is started. clinet-app can be accessed via http://localhost:3300/